Conco® jib arms are horizontal positioning devices used for reaching into accessible areas where work cell limitations preclude the use of an XY rail system.  These articulating jibs are ideal for reaching into inaccessible areas where work cell obstructions, such as columns, conduit or equipment prevent the use of a conventional jib boom or workstation rail system.  The first arm can be pedestal mounted or ceiling or trolley mounted.  The second arm of this articulating jib crane can be mounted above or below the first arm depending on your headroom requirements.

An important feature on any articulating arm is the ability to level the joints to prevent arm drift.  The Conco® Articulating Jib Arms have leveling features built into the design along with many other options for providing brakes and power to the air balancer, hoist, or air lift that is attached to the end of the arm.

Product Line
Conco Articulated Jib Arm Light

Starting at $3,960.00

AJ Light has a capacity of up to 310 lbs.
Reach from 8-15 feet.

Typically ships within ten business days.

Conco Articulated Jib Arm Standard

Starting at $6,470.00

AJ Standard has a capacity up to 1000 lbs.
Reach from 8-16 feet.

Typically ships within ten business days.

Conco Articulated Jib Arm Heavy

Starting at $14,883.00

AJ Heavy has a capacity up to 2000 lbs
Reach from 8-16 feet.

Tech Specs & Videos
Tech SpecsMax. Lift Capacity (lbs.)Reach (ft.)
AJ Cut Sheet
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Standard Features

  • Heavy duty construction for long lift
  • Wide variety of standard lengths and capacities
  • Main post friction brake
  • Leveling bolts to minimize second arm drift
  • Low friction bearings
  • Secondary arm can be mounted above primary arm in low overhead clearance applications

Available Options

  • Electric or Air
  • Electric collector rings provide 360° rotation (Rotation stops are recommended if 360° electric option is not purchased)
  • Air:  swivels provide 360° rotation
  • Air filter/regulator option
  • Primary and/or secondary Friction Brake
  • Mounting Options:  overhead, trolley, pedestal, wall mount, or mobile/portable base
  • Air or Electric Hoist or Balancer

Customize your Articulating Jib Arm...

Since it's our goal to come up with the right solution for your material handling problems, we've made it so you're able to fully customize any of our articulated jib arms and place your order right through our website!