Conco Articulated Jib Arms
Starting at $3,960.00

The Conco® Articulating Jib Arm (AJ) is the base of our articulating jibs family.  It is a horizontal positioning device used for reaching into accessible areas where work cell limitations preclude the use of an XY rail system or manipulator. The Conco® Articulating Jib Arm differs from an ordinary jib crane, because it utilizes the two 360° pivot arms that enable it to reach into confined areas.

Conco Articulated Jib Hoists
Starting at $9,085.00

The Conco® Articulating Jib Hoist (AJH) delivers a unique design, offering the advantages of one of our fully functioning articulated jibs, integrated with the strength to lift and position all types of payloads. With the hoist located behind the second arm, the Conco® AJH is ideal for low headroom application and has the ability to maneuver around objects with full reach-in capability.

Conco Articulated Jib Lifters
Starting at $6,556.00

The Conco® Articulating Jib Lifter (AJL) is a horizontal and vertical positioning device, with an air balancer built into the second arm. The AJL is ideal for reaching into inaccessible areas where headroom limitations preclude the use of a conventional balancer.

Customize your Articulating Jib...

Since it's our goal to come up with the right solution for your material handling problems, we've made it so you're able to fully customize any of our articulated jib arms and place your order right through our website!
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