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Vertical Material Handling System

For introduction, vertical material handling system consists of equipment that is used to:

  • Transport small material from a lower level manufacturing line to higher level storage racks where the material can be stored.
  • Lift material vertically so it can be worked on or manipulated with ease.
  • Perform assembly line handling and reach-in applications.

Vertical material handling equipment uses crank and piston mechanism to transfer material. At the top of the piston a place is provided to place the load and that is lifted after every 180 degree of rotation the material is transferred to next piston and after reaching the peak height it is unloaded at the rack.

Inline lifters, air balancers (also known as pneumatic balancers), air hoists come under this category. The primary objective of vertical material handling system is to transfer material up to a desire height with less effort, within confined space; thus reducing the floor area and reducing the time. Vertical material handling systems come under the category of positioning material handling equipment. Positioning equipment is meant to handle material at a single location. It can be used in industrial facilities to load, unload, position and manipulate materials to bring them in the right location position for subsequent handling, machining, transport, or storage. They are used for their ergonomic design, which helps solve many material handling problems with ease.

Vertical material handling systems are far superior to manual handling of materials in a multitude of ways. To begin with, they have immensely higher lifting capacity than human workers. This enables organizations to get more work down in less amount of time, thereby increasing efficiency. The chances of human error are eliminated by vertical material handling systems. The products are also less likely to get damaged due to manual handling of materials. At times, the material is either too heavy or it is awkward to lift it manually because of its shape. Not only that, they tend to raise the productivity of the workers as well. Thus, the workers can engage in more intricate and meticulous tasks than material lifting. It also reduces fatigue and the risk of injury to the workers.

Due to the above reasons, it has become important for organizations with heavy lifting of materials to adopt vertical material handling systems. Conco® offers a gamut of vertical handling equipment. Our range includes three kinds of vertical inline lifters, four kinds of air hoists and also pneumatic balancers. They are compatible with our industrial manipulator, overhead rail system and articulated jibs. These products widen the range of possible applications as they are handy, flexible, and universally deployable, making them ideal tools for a wide range of manufacturing and assembly applications. We even provide options such as explosion proof blowers, swivel connections between operating unit and foot, custom vacuum feet, and custom gripping devices.

To get more information on our vertical material handling system, give us a call on (712) 841-4548. Conco® is here for all your material handling solutions.