Vacuum Lifting Solutions for Cross-Sector Requirements

Vacuum Lifting Solutions for Cross-Sector Requirements


Vacuum lifters are material handling devices that are able to lift and move loads, and put them down again with the help of vacuum. These lifters are used to transport different kinds of products within a set area, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Vacuum lifters are suitable for lifting porous, semi-porous as well as non-porous objects.

The powerful vacuum lifting solutions are a result of modern technology providing fast, secure and reliable lift operations. Vacuum lifting solutions take the concept of material lifting to the next level. They provide enhanced operational efficiency and superior on-site safety thanks to new-age vacuum lifting technology. Vacuum lifting solutions feature suction pads (in place of conventional lifting accessories) that are used to attach and lift loads. This technology allows operators to lift loads independently, eliminating the need of chains, hooks, slings and clamps. Moreover, they are significantly faster than conventional methods of lifting.

Cross-sector applications

A striking feature of vacuum lifters is the versatility that they offer. They are used in a wide range of applications in a number of sectors and industries. Some of the uses of vacuum lifters are:

  • Vacuum lifting solutions are regularly employed in delicate applications such as placing eggs in egg-cartons and other food items. They are heavily used in the food processing industry.
  • They are also used for transport and lifting of heavy duty loads such as marble slabs and big boxes. They are able to lift loads of up to 600 lb. quickly and ergonomically.
  • They can be used for handling operations with sheets, bags, boxes, sacks, barrels, buckets, or with handling passenger baggage at airports.
  • They are extensively used in the 3PL (third-party logistics) industry for internal logistics processes in dispatch and picking processes. 
  • They are used in various manufacturing facilities to handle raw materials such as metal sheets, marble, wood, panels, plastic sheets, barrels, windows and glass sheets.
  • They are widely used in different industrial sectors for the lifting and handling of materials and components with a flat or smooth surface. This includes materials such as metal plates, concrete slabs, wooden furniture, pipes, plaster boards, plastic laminates, cement bags, beer kegs and tins etc. 


  • Vacuum lifters are designed to be simple to install, operate and maintain. They can be used easily without the need of specialist mechanical servicing.
  • They allow for seamless, easy and fast handling with 360° swivel connection. The operator has full control of load due to levelling and rotating system.
  • They help reduce labour costs as load handling becomes a one-man-job. They are also efficient in lifting a large variety of materials.
  • They are built to provide greater protection for the lift loads. A vacuum lifter doesn’t use hooks or chains. This ensures that the weight of lift materials is evenly spread over a greater surface, reducing point loading and subsequent load damage. Loads only come in contact with soft, durable rubber seals that protect the load from damage.

In conclusion, vacuum lifting solutions provide an economical, versatile and efficient way of lifting a variety of materials mentioned above. Check out the Conco® VacUp® Vacuum Lifter, a great device for a wide range of handling tasks.