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The importance of investing in training for your forklift driver

The forklift is one of the most commonly used material handling devices used in factories, warehouses and distribution centers around the world. Whether there’s a large fleet of forklifts in a facility or there are only a couple of them, training the forklift driver is imperative for every organization using forklifts. Forklift training consists of not only the process of familiarizing the drivers with forklifts, but also imparting to them the safe and proper way of operating a forklift. So let’s find out why investing in forklift training is beneficial to your organization.

Operational efficiency

A forklift in any workplace needs to be driven, loaded and unloaded. If all this can happen faster, you can achieve higher productivity. Through forklift driver training, forklift operators learn to use a forklift in a more efficient way. They will be faster, yet safer. If all your drivers are trained, they will be more productive, resulting in better workplace efficiency.


This is one of the most important reasons behind forklift driver training. According to OSHA, around 25% of all forklift-related accidents are the result of inadequate training. Thus, forklift driver training is extremely necessary to maintain a safe working environment. Not only does forklift driver training teach drivers how to operate a forklift, it also trains them on how to drive on a busy factory floor or a warehouse. Forklift training focuses on comprehensive risk awareness and assessment skills, safe driving tips and guidelines on accident management.

Investing in forklift training will make the facility a safer and better place to work. It will minimize the risk of accident and product damage. It will also save the organization from compensation claims for workers’ injury.

Lower maintenance cost

In case of a forklift crash or tipping over, your forklift is likely to need repair. And forklift repairs can turn out to be expensive, especially when there’s a high amount of damage. Forklift training ensures that operators lower the chances of crash, damage to product to forklift equipment. This will lower your forklift maintenance costs by eliminating the need to repair the forklifts other than preventative maintenance.

Lower insurance premiums

Your insurance company might reduce the cost you incur on your workers’ insurance coverage if you present proof of forklift driver training. This results in a lower insurance premium that you have to pay, thus saving the company quite a bit of money.

Avoid poor practices

With time, some of the workers might start getting negligent and develop bad habits while operating forklifts. They might start cutting corners in order to put less effort and save time. Such practices might lead to accidents, product damage and downtime. Ongoing forklift training is a great way to avoid such poor practices and bad habits. When your forklift drivers are consistently refreshed on the right ways to operate a forklift, they will not develop these habits and ensure safe forklift operation.

Thus, investing in forklift driver training is important for a lot of reasons. It helps an organization avoid damage, losses and accidents. Moreover, it makes your business compliant and provides a safe working space for everyone working in the premises. Learn More