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Conco® VacUp® Vacuum Lifter, Up to 600lb. Capacity

The Conco® VacUp® is a vacuum lifter powered by an air blower. It is ideal for lifting bags and boxes, both porous and nonporous.

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The Conco® VacUp is a vacuum lifter powered by an air blower. It is ideal for lifting bags and boxes, both porous and nonporous. The VacUp lifter performs well as a simple economic lifter for a variety of items. Standard Systems Include:
  • Operating unit with Grip/Release and Raise/Lower controls, lift hose with 6′ of travel
  • Top assembly with 360° swivel connection, appropriate vacuum foot, regenerative vacuum blower (230/460/360), 20′ of supply vacuum hose, and screen filter.
Standard round feet (for handling cardboard boxes and sheets) are 11″, 13″, and 15″ OD which are provided with 4.05.5″, 7″, and 10″ lift hoses respectfully. Standard bag foot is 9″x14″ oblong with a bag skirt and built-in filters. Capacities are approximate and are dependent on the porosity of the load being gripped; capacity is reduced approximately 25″ for semi-porous load and 50% for porous load. Optional Vacuum Feet:
  • Rectangular Foot (to allow for more gripping area of a rectangular surface)
  • Dual Rectangular Foot (for handling packages with a center hole)
  • Dual Rectangular Pivoted Foot (for handling unsealed boxes)
  • L Shaped Foot (for gripping the top and the side of the load)
  • Bag foot assembly
Please note that other options such as explosion proof blowers, swivel connections between operating unit and foot, custom vacuum feet, and custom gripping devices are available. Please consult the factory for pricing and details.
VacUp® Series
Model Lift Tube Diameter (in/mm) Blower (hp/Kw) Capacity (lbs/kg)
Non-Porous Semi-Porous Porous
VO403 4.0/101.6 3.4/2.5 30/13.6 23/10.5 15/6.8
VO405 4.0/101.6 5.0/3.7 55/25.0 47/21.4 40/18.2
VO503 5.5/139.7 3.4/2.5 75/34.1 56/25.5 38/17.3
VO505 5.5/139.7 5.0/3.7 110/50.0 95/43.2 85/38.6
VO705 7.0/177.8 5.0/3.7 180/81.8 150/68.2 125/56.8
VO707 7.0/177.8 7.5/5.6 305/138.6 230/104.5 155/70.5
VO1007 10.0/254.0 7.5/5.6 500/227.3 375/170.5 250/113.6
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