Conco® AirLift Inline Vertical Lifter, Up to 1,000lb. Capacity

The Conco® AirLift, is an ergonomic inline vertical lifter.  It has been designed to be a lightweight and cost-effective in-line lifting device. The AirLift makes it possible to float the load, making it virtually weightless mimicking an air balancer but offers the rigidity of a manipulator. This ergonomic lifter makes it easy to position and set loads or objects in place quickly and precisely.  The AirLift can be attached to the end of the Conco® Articulated Jib or to a rail system, making it an economical alternative of a hoist.

This machine comes with either a Pistol Grip Metering Valve (PGMV), a Single Weight Load Control (SWLC), or a Dual Weight Load Control (DWLC).

NOTE: Consult factory for capacities and lengths other than those listed in the configurator above.