Conco® Articulating Jib Lifter, Up to 665lb. Capacity & 16′ Reach

The Conco® Articulated Jib Lifter 665 is an articulating jib designed for both horizontal and vertical positioning, with an air balancer built into the second arm. This articulating jib is ideal for reaching into inaccessible areas where headroom limitations preclude the use of a conventional articulated jib and balancer but the part handling requires the gentle touch of a pneumatic balancer.  The articulated design allows for reach in and around obstructions that the conventional jib does not allow.

Standard Features:

  • Standard models available to accommodate light to heavy lifting applications
  • Comes standard with a threaded interface at the end-of-cable and a safety latch hook at end of chain
  • Secondary arm can be mounted above primary arm in low overhead clearance applications
  • 360° continuous rotation at primary and secondary joints
  • Leveling bolts to minimize second arm drift
  • Pistol grip metering valve (PGMV) control for vertical lift
  • Does not require air lubricator