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Pneumatic Manipulator Arm in USA

A pneumatic manipulator arm, also known as an industrial manipulator, is a machine with rigid steel manipulator arms that allows complex pneumatic tilts and rotations. What makes a manipulator really useful is that it can handle parts just as efficiently even when the product being moved is handled outside its center of mass. A pneumatic manipulator arm counterbalances the weight of a load so that the operator only has to lift only a small portion of the load’s weight. Pneumatic manipulator arms are the perfect mix between hoists and industrial robots: they can be used for a wider range of positioning tasks than hoists and are more flexible than industrial robots because of its use of manual control. A manipulator arm makes it possible to lift, to rotate, tilt and turn parts upside down. Pneumatic Arm Manipulators are ergonomically designed to operate with over hanging loads. Due to this, they are a necessary piece of equipment for loading and unloading of industrial machinery. A human operator can control the machine, thereby performing precise movements of lifting, lowering and transporting a product with ease.

The applications and benefits of a pneumatic manipulator arm are:

  • Manipulator arms can move a product which is too heavy for a person to move manually.
  • They can easily move a product to a location that is not easily accessible for a person to reach, like a shelf on a heighted platform.
  • They eliminate the risk of injury to a person if they move a product manually.
  • They also reduce the chances of fatigue to a person from moving products manually.
  • They allow complex movements like tilts and rotations, thereby making work easier and more efficient.
  • They can move high volumes of product in lesser time as compared to manually moving it.

The striking feature of the manipulator is its ability to move products outside of its center of mass. This is much sought after when you are dealing with heavy loads or products that are awkward in shape. Organizations that need to move heavier products, products with odd shapes and products that need to be moved and repositioned both horizontally and vertically are the most common users of industrial manipulators.

Pneumatic manipulators are used in many different industries across the globe to help companies deal with material handling safely and more efficiently. Some of the industries that rely on manipulators are the construction industry and, third party logistics industry including packaging, F&B industry, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, textile, and chemicals.

Conco is known for its industry leading industrial manipulators. Our offerings include the Balance Master and the Clearance Master. While the Balance Master is the classic manipulator with versatility in handling a wide variety of different applications, the Clearance Master is a low-headroom manipulator designed and developed to perform in work areas with overhead limitations as low as 8 feet. To know more, contact us.