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Overhead Lifting Solutions

Transporting material across a warehouse or a manufacturing facility is often done overhead, like when the material is lift up and moved. Overhead lifting solutions comprise the equipment used to lift the material up and transport it to other locations in the warehouse. The major overhead lifting equipment includes overhead cranes, hoists, and monorails.

Overhead lifting solutions are widely used in industrial settings due to their functionality. Handling materials overhead is done for the purpose of increasing productivity, enhancing safety, improving ergonomics and maximizing available floor space. Overhead materials handling consists of several types of equipment for different uses. The ultimate goal, however, is to safely lift the products and move them seamlessly and ergonomically from one point to another without damaging the product or the facility, or injury to the workers.

Why should you use overhead lifting solutions in your workplace?

  • Reduced product damage

Overhead lifting solutions decrease operator error and product damage by many degrees. This type of equipment allows for smooth transportation of products avoiding the obstacles on the floor. They come with multiple speed options for optimum control to efficiently move your products. The plethora of below-the-hook devices, cranes, monorails, and hoists ensure that there is a lifting and moving solution best fit for your industry and application. Needless to say, lesser damaged goods means cost-savings and happier customers.

  • Enhanced worker safety

Employees frequently travel about the manufacturing facility or warehouse going about their jobs. With overhead lifting solutions doing the heavy lifting of products within a specific area away from the floor, you can limit your employees’ exposure to potential accidents caused by dangers like forklift traffic. Moreover, the operator controls the equipment with controls and buttons away from the load. This further reduces the risk of injury. Not only that, you end up saving cost of expenses like lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, or increased workers’ compensation rates.

  • Improved precision and control

With the help of overhead lifting solutions, the operators can lift and move the load with utmost precision due to the control systems. They can pick, place, and maneuver heavy objects wherever required, including the areas that are tough to reach like columns or other work cell obstructions. The control pendants can be as simple as up and down buttons. Controls are simple and can often be utilized with just one hand. Hence, overhead lifting solutions provide a convenient way to get the lifting work done in a controlled and precise manner.

  • Increased cost saving

Overhead Lifting Solutions with newer technology require less maintenance compared to other lifting devices. Overhead lifting equipment rated for heavy duty usage will last for decades and can be provided with warranties or service contracts. Therefore, you save maintenance costs on these systems.

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