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Are Overhead Lifting Solutions a Better Return on Investment Than Other Equipment

Overhead lifting solutions have gained a lot of popularity since they were introduced due to the benefits they offer. More and more organizations are installing overhead lifting equipment in their production facilities and warehouses. This brings us to the question – Are overhead lifting solutions a better return on investment than other equipment? Let’s explore.


Overhead lifting equipment does not come at a hefty price like conveyors or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s). Overhead lifting equipment is cost-effective. Overhead lifting systems also comes in different devices and variants, which can be chosen from to suit your requirements s, there is lesser investment in overhead lifting devices than other lifting equipment.

Better Space Utilization

Unlike forklifts that have to navigate back and forth through aisles, overhead handling equipment takes the product up and over obstacles. Obviously, moving over straight pathways is more efficient than roundabout paths to get from one point to another. This saves up the time taken to carefully navigate through or around aisles, columns, equipment and other obstacles—cranes, monorails, balancers and hoists save transport time for an overall increase in operational efficiency. Moreover, overhead equipment does not hinder the work happening on the floor as it operates overhead.

Less Maintenance Required

Overhead lifting equipment oftentimes requires less frequent maintenance and servicing than other types of material handling equipment utilized for load transport and placement. Furthermore, they utilize fewer moving parts, making their service and upkeep quicker and easier to complete. This reduces downtime, labor, service parts and other costs associated with equipment maintenance and repair when compared against floor-based transport options.

Longer Lasting

Overhead lifting devices like cranes, hoists, and monorails are made of high quality, durable, heavy-duty and long-lasting materials. Having life spans of decades, these systems are built and engineered for a longer lifespan and feature far fewer wear and service points than other floor-based transport equipment options. Hence, the cost of replacement is saved on overhead lifting solutions.

Value Retention

Overhead handling solutions often retain their value. Depreciation rate is not as high for cranes, hoists and monorails as it is for other equipment. In fact, because nearly all overhead handling systems are integrated into the building’s structure as a permanent upgrade, they may increase the value of the facility.

Reduce Costs Associated with Accidents

Employees move in and out of manufacturing facilities and shipping/ receiving areas multiple times throughout a normal workday. Overhead Lifting Systems work within a specific area above the floor. These solutions limit an employee’s exposure to potential accidents caused by dangers like forklift traffic. This could potentially save the costs associated with OSHA citations, lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, increased workers’ compensation rates, and potential lawsuits. These issues cost employers large amounts of money every year making overhead handling solutions the most practical and cost-saving option.

Hence, it can be concluded that overhead lifting solutions are indeed a better return on investment than other equipment. Check out our extensive range of overhead lifting solutions here.