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Why Every Overhead Lifting Solution Is Customized

Overhead lifting solutions such as cranes and hoists are immensely popular in manufacturing and warehousing operations. Overhead material handling devices are made of extremely durable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting materials. Often remaining in service for decades, these systems are engineered for a longer lifespan and feature fewer wear and service points than other floor-based transport equipment options. Additionally, overhead lifting solutions offer the benefit of space-saving. Nevertheless, there is a growing trend of customized material handling solutions as they offer various options for making tweaks and changes to the equipment according to your needs and requirements. But overhead lifting solutions often come in so many options that they’re as good as customized. Let’s find out how.

We, at Conco, offer a wide range of overhead lifting solutions allowing you to make a number of changes to fit your requirements. Our line of overhead lifting solutions includes but is not limited to:

Articulating Jib

First and foremost, we give you the option to choose between the kinds of articulating jib cranes you want in your facility. You can go for one of the following:

Articulating Jib Arm – This is your regular articulating jib used as a horizontal positioning device to reach into inaccessible areas.

Articulating Jib Hoist – A unique jib crane, that offers the advantages of one of our fully functioning articulated jibs, integrated with the strength to lift and position all types of payloads.

Articulating Jib Lifter – This is a horizontal and vertical positioning device, with an air balancer built into the second arm.

That’s not it. There are several other customizable options with our articulating jibs. You can:

  • Choose the lifting capacity of your jib crane between Articulating Jib Light (310 lbs), Articulating Jib Standard (1000 lbs) and Articulating Jib Heavy (2000 lbs)
  • Choose between air-powered and electric-powered options
  • Choose between air filter and regulator options
  • Choose between Air or Electric Hoist or Balancer
  • Choose between various mounting options such as overhead, trolley, pedestal, wall mount, or mobile/portable base
  • If that’s not enough, we allow you to further customize our articulating jibs fully so you have just the right solution for your material handling needs.

Industrial Manipulator

Touted as our signature product, we allow a number of customization options in our industrial manipulators as well. With the Balance Master, you can:

  • Choose the lifting capacity and vertical reach of your manipulator between Balance Master 150 (225 lbs), Balance Master 400 (600 lbs), and Balance Master 1000 (1700 lbs).
  • Choose between various mounting options such as overhead, trolley, pedestal mount, or mobile/portable base
  • Choose the dual weight load balancing circuit
  • Choose the parallel link arms option to allow an end-effector to remain parallel to the floor
  • Choose the powered main post-rotation option
  • Choose the 360° continuous end-effector rotation

Similarly, we provide different options to choose from our other overhead lifting solutions such as air hoists, balancers, and inline lifters. This is why every overhead lifting solution is customized.