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Why Investing In New Lifting Equipment Is Investing In The Future

Lifting material handling equipment is used in many industries across the world. There are various kinds of lifting devices for an assortment of uses in manufacturing and storage facilities. Air hoists, balancers, inline vertical lifters, and industrial manipulators are examples of popular lifting devices. Buying new lifting equipment can turn out to be a great investment for many organizations. Let us find out why investing in new lifting equipment is investing in future.

 Long-Term Investment

If you source your overhead lifting devices from a good brand, you get equipment that’s made of high quality, durable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting materials. Having life spans of decades, these systems are built and engineered for a longer lifespan and feature far fewer wear and service points than other floor-based transport equipment options. Hence, the cost of replacement is saved on overhead lifting solutions.

Value Retention

Overhead handling solutions generally retain their value to a great degree. Depreciation rate is not very high for cranes, hoists and monorails. In fact, because nearly all overhead handling systems are integrated into the building’s structure as a permanent upgrade, they may increase the value of the facility.

Reduce Costs Associated with Accidents

Employees move in and out of manufacturing facilities and shipping/ receiving areas multiple times throughout a normal work day. Overhead lifting devices work within a specific area above the floor. These solutions limit an employee’s exposure to potential accidents caused by dangers like forklift traffic. This could potentially save the costs associated with OSHA citations, lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, increased workers’ compensation rates, and potential lawsuits. These issues cost employers large amounts of money every year, making overhead handling solutions a very practical and cost-saving option.


Lifting devices make your operation more efficient. The lifting process becomes easy and seamless. In the facilities where there is some manipulation required with the loads while lifting them, machines like industrial manipulators are great choices. A fast and efficient production gives you a better output. The higher output not only recovers the cost of investment in lifting devices, it saves you costs in other ways as well. Investing in new lifting devices can give you a great return on investment throughout the years they are in service.

It can be concluded by saying that lifting material handling devices have a long life, efficient functioning, safety benefits, cost-effectiveness, and great value retention. This is why investing in new lifting equipment is investing in the future.