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Modern Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is the leading cause of workplace injuries, according to a new report from The Travelers Companies, Inc. The report states that around 32 percent of total workplace injuries happen from material handling. In an online database created by the National Safety Council, it was found that more than 111,000 such injuries requiring days away from work were recorded in 2017 alone. The aim of modern material handling equipment is to curtail such injuries and physical hardships for industrial workers; not only do they reduce the risk of injuries, they also tend to improve productivity and efficiency in industrial working environments.

There have been significant advancements in material handling equipment since the industrial boom. Modern material handling equipment is stronger, faster, more flexible and easier to use. Here are some common products involved in the modern materials handling equipment industry and how they’ve replaced solved handling problems faced by older ways of material handling:

Jib Cranes: Jib cranes are used to transport materials over horizontal paths within inaccessible areas of a work cell. Cranes provide more flexibility in movement than conveyors because the loads handled can be more varied with respect to their shape and weight. These have made it easy to reach into areas otherwise difficult to reach by old ways of material handling.

Inline Lifters: These are vertical lifters used to lift the load upwards easy. These lifters have made it easy to position and set loads or object in place quickly and precisely. These have proven to be convenient in assembly line handling and reach-in applications, replacing manual lifting and pulleys.

Industrial Manipulators: An industrial manipulator is a machine with a rigid steel manipulator arm that allows complex pneumatic tilts and rotations — even when the product being moved is handled outside its center of mass.  Manipulators counterbalance the weight of a load so that an operator lifts only around 1% of the load’s weight. Manipulators have replaced manual moving of very heavy products, thereby avoiding injuries. They’ve also made it easier to move objects to places less accessible for a person to reach, like a tall shelf.

Hoists/Balancers: Hoists and balancers are positioning equipment that can be used to handle material at a single location. As compared to manual handling, the use of positioning equipment helps raise the productivity of workers when there is high frequency of handling. They have helped improve product quality and limit damage to materials and equipment when the item handled is heavy or difficult to hold. They’ve reduced damage through human error or inattention, and can also reduce fatigue and injuries when the environment is hazardous or inaccessible.

Like these products, there are many kinds of modern material handling equipment that have made industrial work easier like conveyors, industrial robots, and forklifts amongst other.

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