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Mobile Material Handling Machines

Mobile material handling equipment, also known as portable material handling equipment, is the kind of equipment that is not stationary in the workplace and can be moved around the facility. Mobile material handling machines can be taken around the facility according to the requirement for use. For example, a vacuum inline lifter is a device used to lifting materials vertically. It is a mobile material handling device as it can be placed in different locations throughout the facility and depending on the requirement, it can be taken transported to various sections of the factory floor to lift heavy loads up vertically. This gives you a huge advantage as it eliminates the need of installing multiple devices of the same kind in the facility.

One or two mobile material handling devices can do the work instead of installing multiple ones throughout the facility. This helps in cost-saving, which is very important in the current economic situation.

Vertical Inline Lifter

The Vertical Inline Lifter is a great device to lift heavy material loads vertically. It comes in various variants with different capacities of lifting weight. It is a lightweight device that’s mainly used to lift materials vertically for further processing or positioning of the materials.

Articulating Jib

Although articulating jibs are usually seen as large devices fixed on a wall or the ceiling, they can be mobile too. We, at Conco, provide you with the option of trolley mounted articulating jib arms. That way, the articulating jib can be carried anywhere across the factory floor for the convenience of lifting material loads at any location. Not only do we provide articulating jib arms, but we also offer articulating jib hoists and articulating jib lifters mounted on a trolley. Our articulating jib hoist has a hoist attached to the end effecter, which gives them advantages of one of our basic articulated jibs, integrated with the strength to lift and position all types of payloads. On the other hand, our Articulating Jib Lifter (AJL) is a horizontal and vertical positioning device, with an air balancer built into the second arm. This gives you the functionality of an articulating jib with the stability of an air balancer.

Air Balancers/Pneumatic Balancers

Air balancer is a lightweight device that can be used for loading, unloading, and transport of material loads. In the models with the ‘float’ feature, the air balancer renders the suspended load almost weightless, thereby virtually making it float in the air. It facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load with ease. Lightweight devices like these are easier to move as compared to heavy machinery. Lightweight devices provide a better degree of portability and maneuverability than the heavier ones. When it is unloaded, lightweight equipment can be moved quickly and easily from one place to another without the risk of injury.

The demand for portable material handling devices such as vacuum inline lifters and portable mounted cranes is on the rise due to their functionality and ease of use. To know more, check out our portable products here.