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Custom Material Handling Equipment Used for Assembly Lines

The manufacturers who make unique products often find it hard to find the right material handling equipment for their assembly line requirements. The mass-produced equipment is usually made for standard use and that’s something that might not meet the unique requirements of your product. Custom material handling equipment is built exactly for this problem. This is the reason why many manufacturers prefer custom material handling equipment for assembly lines.

In some situations, custom material handling equipment is the better choice. Manufacturers with specific product requirements realize that introducing custom material handling equipment into their assembly lines can improve their operation by reducing worker injuries, increasing productivity, and allowing workers to focus on high-value production activities. Not only that, custom material handling equipment can allow you to optimize your floor space according to your assembly line. This is because you don’t have to fit in awkward devices in your assembly line that are not really in tune with your product or machinery. The cost of your material handling equipment custom-designed could be high, but it’s going to deliver efficiency on a large scale. That means faster output and lower overhead costs for labor and materials.

Here are some examples of material handling equipment that you can customize according to your needs:

Articulating Jib Arm

Articulating jib arms are horizontal positioning devices used for reaching into accessible areas where work cell limitations preclude the use of an XY rail system. Now, according to the requirements of your assembly line, an articulating jib arm can be customized in many ways. First, you can choose the weight capacity and the reach length of your articulating jib based on your product. These are available from 170 lbs. to 310 lbs. in capacity and 8 ft. to 15 ft. in reach. Then, you can choose where to mount it, whether it be on a pedestal, wall or ceiling. You can also select the length of the pedestal where it will be mounted. The position of its arm can also be customized – overslung or underslung. You can choose from power modes such as air and electric. The brake options on the primary and secondary arm can also be chosen. Furthermore, there is an option to choose from air swivel and rotation stops. Conco allows you to fully customize any of their articulated jib arms.

So it is safe to say that depending on how unique the operation or product is, it is advisable to choose custom material handling equipment for assembly lines.