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How Material Handling Equipment is Helping during the Pandemic

There has been a lot of supply chain disruption globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Owing to the extensive travel bans and shutdowns, shipments are getting delayed. These closures can lead to supply shortages. Industries affected by this the most include tools and hardware, electronics & appliances, auto parts OEM, building products, diversified chemical, and industrial specialties. Moreover, the manufacturing sector has taken a hit due to lockdowns and other restrictions being implemented in various countries. In this article, we will see how material handling equipment is helping during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic caused new social distancing norms to be observed in most locations around the entire world. Along with this, high standards of hygiene need to be maintained to avoid the spread of the virus. In such a situation, manufacturers and suppliers are trying to find ways to resume production and trade of most goods. This is where material handling equipment comes in.

In many industries involved in providing essential goods and services like food, pharmaceutical drugs and e-commerce of consumer goods, material handling equipment is playing a huge role in the time of this pandemic. In any given time, food & beverage companies have to ensure timely and uninterrupted flow of raw materials and end-products, along with flexibility, across the production process and supply chain. By providing a safe way to move raw materials and final products safely all around the plant using these equipment, material handling systems are a blessing in these times. Since there is no need of human contact while using material handling equipment, it is a safer way of handling moving materials in a facility. Manual labor, on the other hand, entails the risk of contamination of the product as well as the other workers due to human contact. Material handling equipment also makes it easier for workers to follow social distancing norms. When there are four workers to lift and move a heavy load, an articulating jib crane can do the work without so many workers needing to come together.

Another factor helping in the pandemic is worker safety. Quality material handling equipment increases worker safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries by material handling. In such tiring times, worker safety is more important than ever because of a shortage of staff during the pandemic. Therefore, no factory operator wants their staff members to get injured during a time like this. Moreover, due to the pandemic, hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients. It is best to avoid injuries and leave the valuable hospital space and medical services for being used to fight the virus.

Nevertheless, the transportation segment is expected to grow and become dominant in the global market in the near future due to increasing development of infrastructure, rising demand for online shopping, and growing demand for transportation and logistics. Therefore, material handling equipment is helping industries during the pandemic, and will do so even when it is under control.