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Is Your Manufacturing Line Ready for Articulating Jibs?

Articulating jibs are extremely popular positioning devices. There are different kinds of articulating jibs for different uses such as articulating jib arms, articulating jib hoists and articulating jib lifters. Many organizations prefer articulating jibs because they can be easily paired with overhead cranes. Overhead cranes offer a host of benefits such as

  • Better space utilization
  • Improved safety
  • Precise load handling
  • Enhanced ergonomics.

These are the factors to know if your manufacturing line requires articulating jibs:

Need for reaching inaccessible areas

If the manufacturing line demands frequent reaching in inaccessible areas of the workplace, an articulating jib might be just what you need. Certain workplaces require items to be carried to areas that aren’t easily accessible. These areas might be hard to reach due to work cell obstructions, such as columns, racks, conduit or equipment. In such a case, a conventional jib boom or workstation rail system isn’t very useful. An articulating jib has the capability of easily reaching inaccessible areas due to two swivel arms that can rotate independently. It is an extremely useful device in manufacturing lines as it provides ease and efficiency.

Specific mounting requirement

The best feature of an articulating jib is that it can be mounted anywhere. You can mount an articulating jib on the ceiling, on the wall, on a pedestal or on a trolley. Depending on the layout, it can be mounted on any of these platforms to provide maximum efficiency. So, almost every manufacturing line is ready for an articulating jib. It can also be installed in a low headroom facility with ease. The second arm of this articulating jib crane can be mounted above or below the first arm depending on the headroom requirements of the facility.

Requirement of space

Organizations that want to free up their valuable floor space certainly should consider articulating jibs. Installing these will free up their valuable floor space of workers walking around with material loads. Articulating jibs are overhead devices, so they don’t use much of your floor space.

Pick heavy objects & maneuver around obstructions

In some facilities, there is a need to pick heavy objects while maneuvering around work cell obstructions. In that case, an articulating jib hoist is the answer. It is a device that has an air hoist attached to its second arm. In facilities with low headroom, this is a perfect device as it won’t interfere with conduit or obstructions coming down from the ceiling. It can pick and place heavy objects easily.

Horizontal and vertical positioning

In some manufacturing lines, vertical and horizontal positioning of material loads is required. For such facilities, an articulating jib lifter is the ideal device. It is an articulating jib with an air balancer built into the second arm. It has the reach-in capabilities of an articulating jib crane with the stability of an air balancer. It makes the handling and lifting of parts easier due to the pneumatic balancer.

In conclusion, almost any manufacturing line is ready for articulating jibs as they can accommodate any kind of facility. Whether it’s an articulating jib arm, an articulating jib hoist, or an articulating jib lifter, they are flexible devices and are very useful.