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Managing Warehouse Space Better With Warehousing Technology

Managing warehouse space is one of the most important factors of running a warehouse efficiently because well, a warehouse is basically space to store goods. Thus, space becomes an area of key importance in a warehouse. Now, there’s warehouse technology to make things easier in a warehouse. In this article, we will learn how to manage warehouse space better with warehousing technology.


  • Warehouse management system


This is the most popular warehouse technology in the current times and more companies are investing in warehouse management systems (WMS). WMS is used to consolidate orders in a way that the time spent traveling by workers during picking can be reduced to a minimum. This increases efficiency and throughput. This also enables the warehouse manager to utilize the space better as the WMS can also integrate with the inventory management system. This allows syncing of inventory and thus, better placement according to high-volume and low-volume items.


  • Put-to-Light System


Put-to-light systems are used for directing operators on where and how to allocate different products for orders in the warehouse. This technology is extremely helpful when the items are being picked from bulk stock. With the help of these systems, the floor space required in the warehouse for picking can be significantly reduced. Put-to-light systems also provide high-speed order sorting capability along with lower operating cost.


  • Warehouse Robotics


Robotics technology is being adopted in warehouses around the world due to its benefits and ease of use. A number of robotics companies are tying-up with  warehouse management system providers for producing robots powered by smart software. These robots are useful for managing the storage, handling, movement and sorting of the inventory. Warehouse robotics technology can greatly help manage the warehouse space better as it can help with more efficient storage of products. When you’re handling large order volumes, there are many items to navigate with complex order packing and faster shipping requirements. This is where robotics solutions enable you to efficiently respond to volume growth and complete more tasks with less labor.


  • AS/RS Warehouse Storage Solutions


Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) are highly efficient at inventory management and optimizing warehouse space. AS/RS is capable of storing any volume of product accurately in a small footprint. AS/RS can also minimize the travel time in your warehouse by enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. AS/RS can also be integrated with the Warehouse Execution System (WES), which will lead to maximizing warehouse space without compromising on operational efficiency.


  • AI Solutions


Artificial Intelligence is being used in warehouses to transform warehouse processes for higher accuracy and faster order packing. Not only is AI capable of managing warehouse space efficiently, it can improve the whole business model. AI can automate decision making by using data collected from sensors. It can notice and observe patterns in order to suggest better actions such as better inventory placement, better order picking and faster replenishment of stock. Moreover, when combined with robotics, AI can provide a wide range of functionality ranging from loading/unloading a pallet to performing picking operations. Read here to know more.