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How Lift Assist Devices Can Benefit Your Manufacturing Process

Lift assist devices are a type of material handling devices that facilitate vertical lifting of material loads. There are various lift assist devices available such as balancers, hoists, and vertical inline lifters. Based on the operational requirements of the organization, you can choose a lift assist device from these options, one that benefits your manufacturing process if put to the right use. Let us see how they can do that:

Make the Operation More Efficient

When you use lift assist devices, the lifting process becomes smooth and easy. The machines can easily lift heavier loads as compared to manual labor. Whereas two or three workers are required to lift a heavy load, a single inline lifter can do the task substantially quicker. A fast and efficient production gives you a faster and higher output.

Improve Worker Safety

Lift assist devices help improve worker safety by greatly reducing the risk of accidents due to heavy loads. When workers are engaged in lifting heavy materials, they are at a risk of injury and ergonomic accidents. Using these devices could potentially save the costs associated with OSHA citations, lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, increased workers’ compensation rates, and potential lawsuits.

Make it Easier to Handle Heavy Loads

There are different lifting devices to cater to different lifting needs. For example, a vertical inline lifter enables the operator to float the load, making it virtually weightless. That makes it is easier to position loads or objects in place quickly and precisely. Also, it lets you manually adjust the vertical position from the stop position. On the other hand, it is a sturdy and rigid device allowing you to lift weights with ease. Inline lifters are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and an economical alternative to air hoists. Inline vertical lifter is a great device for assembly lines where precision load positioning is required. It allows loads of varying weights to be lifted at the same speed, giving predictable up/down controls, making it an excellent solution for fast pick-and-place operation.

Reduce Damage to Goods

Not only do they improve worker safety, lifting devices also improve the safety of your product. Inline lifters eliminate that possibility of damaging products and incurring losses by providing the strength required to lift heavy payloads. Heavy payloads stand a higher chance of getting damaged when handled manually by workers.

Cost-Effective Devices for Manufacturing

Lift assist devices come in cost-effective options for organizations looking for economical options in their facilities. Vertical inline lifters and air balancers are built and engineered for a long lifespan and can service you for years without a problem. Hence, the cost of replacement is saved on lift assist devices. They also help you cut costs with a reduction in manual labor. Moreover, you minimize costs incurred on damage of materials during handling. Even better utilization of space by using proper material handling equipment can save you costs.

Thus in conclusion, lift assist devices such as vertical inline lifters can transform your manufacturing process for the good.