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How to Extend the Life of Your Machines

Productivity is one of the most important factors a company needs to assess in order to maximize profits, especially in the case of manufacturers. On that front, taking proper care of your machinery and equipment is the first step to boost production and eliminate downtime. As such, it’s important to take steps in order to extend the life span of your machines. This includes conducting routine performance checks and making sure workers are fully trained to handle the equipment properly. Let’s look into some ways to extend the life of your machines and material handling devices.

  1. Conduct comprehensive operator training

The fundamental way to ensure safe and extended functioning of machinery is a sound operator training program. Employees change, skills become rusty, and poor operation can lead to breakdowns — plus, employee turnover is inevitable in every company. When the new workers start working, it’s important that they receive proper training on all equipment. The training should include every operation, from basic usage to understanding maintenance procedures. This will also help ensure that employees will be able to identify a problem as and when it arises. Without proper training, any employee could miss basic protocols, use machinery improperly and, in turn, cause potential damage, which will lead to a shorter lifespan of the equipment.

  1. Have a maintenance schedule in place

Routine check-ups on equipment are often delayed and forgotten, a mistake many organizations might make that can decrease the life span of machinery. Regular maintenance check-ups are crucial to keep the machines from breaking down due to overworking. Fluids, gears, tracks, tires, and electrical systems are the components that should be checked frequently for preventative maintenance. The necessary checks that should be conducted regularly include checking for wear in seals, torque checks on bolts, lubricating gears, and changing filters.

  1. Keep the machines lubricated

Lubrication is a basic way to keep your machinery up and running. Lubricants reduce friction around any moving part of the machine. Having regular lubrication maintenance extends the life of large machinery equipment and parts. Moreover, make sure that you use the right lubricant for the machines. There are specific kinds of oil and grease for various components. It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the particular machines.

  1. Check equipment regularly for wear & tear

After continuous use over time, the machines tend to wear down. The operators should regularly monitor the equipment for any signs of wear and tear. This way, issues can be detected and prevented before they cause the machine to break down. With heavy machinery, vibration, shock, high temperatures, friction, and age all have a negative impact over time.

  1. Keep the machinery clean

Working parts of the machines should be kept clean and free of contamination. The electronics are susceptible to breakdown if contaminated. If possible, store the large machinery in a shed or a covered area. Exposure to wind and weather can lead to rust and rot.

Keeping these points in mind, you can extend the life of your machines and material handling devices.