Conco AirLift
Starting at $1,355.00

The Conco® AirLift is the most lightweight and cost effective of our inline lifters. The AirLift makes it possible to “float” the load, making it virtually weightless. It is easy to position and set loads or object in place quickly and precisely.

Conco EzLift
Starting at $4,180.00

Conco® EzLift lift assist is a cost-effective ergonomic inline lifter. This lift assist has up to 750 pounds of lift capacity and excels in assembly line handling and reach-in applications, when combined with an overhead XY rail system or a Conco® Articulated Jib Arm.

Conco VacUp
Starting at $9,495.00

The Conco® VacUp® is a vacuum inline lifter powered by an air blower. It is ideal for lifting bags and boxes, both porous and non-porous. This vacuum lifter performs well as a simple economic lifter for a variety of items.

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