Conco® Balance Masters exhibit unique versatility in handling a wide variety of different applications. This pneumatic manipulator arm provides for exact positioning due to free, almost effortless horizontal and vertical movement, constant support and positive control at all times. The operator functions as a guide in the control system. This promotes fast and precise 3-dimensional handling with minimal force required by the operator to overcome the inertia of the load being handled.

In addition to 360° rotation on the main post, Balance Masters have several additional options, including parallel link arms — which allows an end-effector to remain parallel to the floor — and various mounting options.

Product Line
Conco Balance Master 150

Capacity Up To 225 lbs Reach from 4-10 ft.

Conco Balance Master 400

Capacity Up To 600 lbs Reach from 4-10 ft.

Conco Balance Master 1000

Capacity Up To 1700 lbs Reach from 4-10 ft.

Tech Specs & Videos
Tech Specs Max. Lift Capacity (lbs.) Reach (ft.) Vertical Travel (in.)


90-225 10-4 95-37


240-600 10-4 95-36


650-1000 10-4 109-43

LB Cut Sheet

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Standard Features

  • 360° continuous main post rotation
  • Precision bearings at the joints for smooth motion and long life
  • Pistol Grip Metering Valve for vertical lift or single weight load balancing control
  • Lost Load Safety Feature
  • Minimum Lift Cylinder Pressure Circuit
  • Does not require air lubricator

Available Options

  • Parallel link arms to allow an end-effector to remain parallel to the floor
  • Powered main post rotation
  • Dual Weight Load Balancing Circuit
  • Mounting Options:  Overhead trolley, pedestal mount, or mobile/portable base
  • Up to 360° continuous end-effector rotation