Conco Balance Master
Starting at $9,245.00

The Conco® Balance Master® Manipulator (LB) exhibits unique versatility in handling a wide variety of different applications. This part of industrial manipulators line provides for exact positioning due to free, almost effortless horizontal and vertical movement, constant support, and positive control at all times. The operator functions as a guide in the control system. This promotes fast and precise 3-dimensional handling with minimal force required by the operator to overcome the inertia of the load being handled.

Conco Clearance Master
Starting at $15,875.00

The Conco® Clearance Master® (CM) is a low-headroom manipulator designed and developed to perform in work areas with overhead limitations as low as 8 feet. The CM eliminates the need to reconstruct the work area in order to improve the ability to handle loads. Tight overhead restrictions that might prohibit the use of other material handling devices are not a problem for the Clearance Master® Manipulator.


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