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How Industrial Manipulators Help in Warehouses

Industrial manipulators are highly versatile machines with a matter of uses across various industries. They are widely used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and sometimes they can even be used as medical equipment. They are extremely useful in warehouses to achieve high levels of efficiency productivity and safety. Let’s look at how industrial manipulators help in warehouses.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Industrial manipulators are very useful devices when it comes to lifting heavy objects. A manipulator allows complex pneumatic tilts and rotations, even when the product being moved is handled outside its center of mass. That’s a big reason why a manipulator is useful in warehouses, when the objects are too heavy to be moved by workers. It is also useful to move products to locations that aren’t easily accessible, like high shelves. So industrial manipulators are used in warehouses to place objects on shelves, pick them from shelves, keep them in carts, or even position them for workers to maneuver or manipulate them.

Lifting Sensitive Products

Manipulators are useful for handling sensitive products like food and chemicals due to their build material. Since manipulators are made of stainless steel, they are resistant to corrosion and can easily withstand extreme temperatures. Manipulators are ideal for a warehouse with hygiene standards because steel is mostly safe from bacteria and other contaminants. It is very easy to clean and disinfect. Steel is ideal for such uses as it has a smooth surface and can easily handle most kinds of materials.

Handling Products with Awkward Shapes

The most striking feature of the manipulator is its ability to move products outside of its center of mass. This is much sought after when you are dealing with heavy loads or products that are awkward in shape. Organizations that need to move heavier products, products with odd shapes, and products that need to be moved and repositioned both horizontally and vertically are the most common users of industrial manipulators.

Increased Productivity

Since industrial manipulators can easily lift heavy objects and reach inaccessible areas of a workplace, they are capable of increasing the productivity of a warehouse. Whether it is order picking or sorting and arranging products, manipulators can function in a fast and efficient manner. Because of their multiple uses and functionality, industrial manipulators can increase productivity resulting in faster and more efficient operation.

Improve Safety

Industrial manipulators are also popular due to their safe operation. An industrial manipulator enables the workers to easily maneuver items on their own. This way, your employees don’t have to struggle to move the products by hand.  The operator of the machine has to use minimal effort to quickly and easily move and position any parts. They don’t have to manually move or lift products that could cause them harm, and the risk of injury is significantly reduced. If you want to increase warehouse safety, manipulators are a good choice to consider. This results in lesser chance of injury and smooth operation without absenteeism.

These are the ways how industrial manipulators help in warehouses. They are sturdy devices capable of performing many complex movements. That is what makes them immensely popular for warehouse operations.