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Industrial Manipulator Machines

Industrial manipulator machines have become so popular in the material handling industry that the Conco® brand became associated with manipulator technology the late.

It’s been a long way since then and industrial manipulators have been at the forefront of heavy material handling devices. This is mainly because a manipulator is an extremely useful, flexible, and versatile piece of machinery. Let us find out more about industrial manipulator machines.

What are industrial manipulators?

An industrial manipulator is a machine with a rigid steel manipulator arm that can perform complex pneumatic tilts and rotations, even when the product being moved is handled outside its center of mass. Other than the lifting and holding functions of a hoist, manipulators can also maneuver the material in a variety of ways.

Where are industrial manipulators used?

Manipulators are used in many industries for tasks like lifting heavy objects and welding objects for a long time with good precision. Manipulators are of immense use when you are dealing with loads that are very heavy or have a peculiar shape, as other types of machines are not good with handling products that aren’t relatively light or standard in shape.  They are especially efficient when a certain degree of manipulation of the load is required while handling.

They are used in a large number of industries across the world. They are most widely used in industries like construction, packaging, textile, chemical, food & beverage, mechanics, electromechanics, foundry, automobile, and assembly lines.

Other than industrial operations, certain kinds of industrial manipulators can also be used in hospitals as surgical instruments

What are the types of industrial manipulators?

Overall, you will find several variations of manipulators across brands and companies manufacturing them. One classification for manipulators is the type of joint they have. Another classification is based on the headroom and clearance allowed by the manipulator.

Let us look at two of these most commonly used industrial manipulators by Conco:

The Conco® Balance Master® Manipulator (LB) is a uniquely versatile machine for handling a variety of different applications. This part of our industrial manipulators line provides for exact positioning due to free, almost effortless horizontal and vertical movement, constant support, and positive control at all times. The operator functions as a guide in the control system.

The Conco® Clearance Master® (CM) is a low-headroom manipulator designed to perform in work areas with overhead limitations as low as 8 feet; places with tight overhead restrictions that might prohibit the use of other material handling are ideal for the Clearance Master® Manipulator.

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