How To Store Your Forklift Battery During The Shutdown

Forklift battery maintenance tips

Proper maintenance of your forklift batteries ensures a long battery life and keeps your operation running smoothly. When a forklift’s battery is down, it means that a forklift is down and as a result, productivity takes a dip. Proper maintenance and care of the forklift batteries could significantly extend their life. So let’s find out simple tips you can follow for the same.


Firstly, you should recharge the battery when it reaches 20% of the charge. Using a forklift battery after that point impacts its lifespan negatively. Moreover, deep-discharging can also overheat the electrical components and cause damage to the forklift.

Secondly, there are a limited number of charges in a forklift, whether it’s a full charge or a half charge. So if you partially charge the battery, you’re using up one charge cycle from its capacity. Thus, it’s a good idea to always charge your batteries completely.

Check and maintain fluid levels

The longevity of a forklift battery is affected by its fluid levels over time. When the fluid level goes down below the normal level, the plates get an exposure to air, which ultimately leads to irrevocable damage and negatively affects the efficiency of the battery

Check the fluid level of lift truck batteries regularly after every five charging cycles. Check a few cells to ensure that they have enough water to cover the plastic battery element. If it is not evident from checking a couple of cells, then check all the cells. If required, top off the battery fluid. Ideally, the fluid level should be refilled once every 10 charges. Moreover, you should refill the fluid level after charging and not before it.

Keep the battery clean

Keeping the forklift battery clean helps maintain its health. Doing this will ensure that your forklift truck operates smoothly and efficiently. A build-up of chemicals can cause corrosion of the tray, and can also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Make sure to clean the top of your batteries with a battery cleaning agent or warm water. In case of some batteries, this practice is required to maintain the warranty. Maintain a monthly cleaning schedule to clean off any acid and to avoid its build-up. This prevents tray corrosion, quicker self-discharge and maintains the electronic components of the forklift.

Keep the batteries at safe temperatures

Keeping the operating temperature of your forklift batteries below 113 degrees Fahrenheit ensures its optimal life. Moreover, if your facility has a higher temperature and it can’t be controlled, ensure that the forklift has proper air circulation in the battery compartment in order to maintain its temperature. The lifespan of a forklift battery decreases in extreme temperatures.

Charge batteries in a dry place

Forklifts batteries vulnerable to rust and oxidation. The build up of rust over time can greatly damage the battery. In order to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to change the batteries in a cool and dry place, with proper ventilated.

Following these simple steps will ensure optimum health of battery and elongate its lifespan. This will help you get the most out of your forklift batteries. Learn More