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Benefits of a Custom Material Handling Solutions

There is a large market of material handling equipment with a plethora of equipment and systems being offered by worldwide material handling equipment suppliers, and a lot of popularity is being gained by custom material handling solutions. Material handling is an activity that is undertaken in many different areas and industries, whether it is a warehouse or a food processing facility. This is why custom material handling solutions cater to the different requirements of different organizations pertaining to various types of products and operations.

  1. Right fit for the operation

You can compare custom material handling solutions to a tailored suit. It is made to fit you unlike an off-the-rack suit. The entire material handling system is installed according to your operation. This enables an organization to operate functionally in a systematic approach to handling every piece of material in their production and distribution chain — from raw materials to finished products. Few examples of this are:

  • The height at which a custom device handles materials is optimal to your needs. That way, there’s less lifting required, which decreases the chance of back pain.
  • The way a custom device handles materials is suitable to your product.  This saves the product from damage. Components equipment such as stamped parts, moldings, or castings will be located precisely instead of sliding around.
  • There are many other factors that give you the maximum throughput when you get custom material handling systems. A customized articulating jib can have custom spacing length, arm positioning, power source, air brake options, air swivels, or rotation stops. When you customize all these factors according to your operation, it gives you maximum productivity as the articulating jib will enable faster lifting of materials. It is precision-made to address every task it’s required to do.
  1. Cost-effective

Custom material handling solutions are cost-effective in ways more than one. When your material handling equipment isn’t configured to your specific requirements, it would cost higher in the long run. It is going to cost you more in lost productivity. Moreover, custom material handling solutions decrease manual labor time, thereby reducing labor cost.

Another way custom equipment saves cost is by reducing the chance of breakdowns and lost productivity that drives up these costs.  Therefore, it helps in keeping overhead costs and labor costs low.

It is common knowledge that poor ergonomics can lead to back injuries and fatigue that results in employee absences and errors. Custom solutions prevent this as they are designed fsor maximum efficiency. With equipment not designed for your purpose, there is a higher chance of damage to parts, increasing scrap costs, and even delaying shipments. Custom solutions will last longer as they are built for the purpose they are serving.

Thus, custom material handling solutions are a better choice and you can find them at leading worldwide material handling equipment suppliers. To find customized handling solutions for your facility, click here.