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Cost Effective Ergonomic Inline Lifter

Inline lifters are vertical lifting devices meant to lift the load vertically, with the ability to lower or raise a product from one height to another. Vertical inline lifters are meant to make the payload weightless, while effectively lifting it vertically for industrial purposes. They provide a fast, efficient, safe and hassle-free means of transferring products across multiple floor levels. They are ideal for a variety of loads like boxes, bags, crates, etc. Conco® offers a range of cost effective ergonomic inline lifters. We have industry-leading inline lifters, each suited for a different purpose. These are the various inline lifters available at Conco®:

AirLift: The most lightweight and cost-effective inline lifter, the Conco® AirLift makes it possible to float the load, making it virtually weightless mimicking an air balancer but offers the rigidity of a manipulator. It is easy to position and set loads or object in place quickly and precisely.

EzLift: The Conco® EzLift is an ideal lifter for assembly line handling and reach-in applications. It works best when combined with an overhead XY rail system or a Conco® Articulated Jib Arm.

VacUp: The Conco® VacUp is a vacuum inline lifter powered by an air blower. It is ideal for lifting bags and boxes, both porous and non-porous. This vacuum lifter can work equally well as a simple economic lifter for a variety of other items.

Benefits of inline lifters

  • Protection of goods: Heavy payloads stand a higher chance of getting damaged when handled manually by workers. Inline lifters eliminate that possibility of damaging products and incurring losses by providing the strength required to lift heavy payloads. This way, you can be sure that your products are safe.
  • Reduced risk of accidents: A large number of industrial injuries are reported each year in the United States. This is majorly due to material handling related accidents. Inline lifters decrease the chance of injuries by preventing accidents due to heavy lifting of materials.
  • Increased efficiency: When you have an inline lifter installed in your facility, the tedious and tiring task of material lifting is taken off the shoulders of workers. This way, your workers have more time and energy on other important tasks that need human attention. Moreover, this increases efficiency because inline lifters do the task of lifting faster and better than people. The faster the work gets completed, the higher turnovers you can generate.
  • Higher employee satisfaction: When your employees are at a lesser risk of accidents and they do not have to perform the tedious tasks of lifting heavy weights, they are bound to be more satisfied with their jobs. Nevertheless, they tend to shift to higher-value jobs due to machines doing the mechanical work. This eventually improves employee retention too.

To order or find out more about our cost-effective ergonomic inline lifters, call us on (712) 841-4548. We also have a range of fully-customizable products. At Conco®, you can be assured to find the equipment best suited to your needs.