Why you should not buy Forklift Accessories Online

Why you shouldn’t buy Forklift Accessories Online

Forklift accessories can be purchased from online retailers with great convenience. But how long does that convenience last after making the purchase? Let’s find out. Purchase managers usually start with researching online about forklift attachments, their price, and where to buy them. If you’re a purchase manager or someone looking for forklift attachments, you might want to purchase your forklift accessories online rather than a manufacturer. But buying material handling equipment such as forklift accessories online isn’t as easy as buying clothes online.

The right fit

When you purchase your forklift accessories online, there’s no assurance that the attachment will fit, work, and handle the job you’re purchasing it for. A manufacturer or a brick-and-mortar retailer will help you get the best fit for your forklifts. They will assist you by understanding your needs and making suggestions accordingly. On the other hand, when you buy the attachment online and it doesn’t fit, you go through the hassle of returning it and purchasing it all over again.


There’s a plethora of vendors and brands that are listed on online retail platforms. You might be tempted to go for cheaper options, but you don’t have any assurance of the quality of products you will receive. When you purchase from a manufacturer or a brick-and-mortar retailer, you can check the quality of the goods before making the purchase.

Forklift Data Plate

A forklift data plate is the metal plate that’s installed on the side of the forklift that displays information like the model number, fuel type, truck weight, and tire size. A part of the data plate is the “Attachments” section, which contains information on what attachments have been added to the forklift like different styles of forks, fork extensions, side shifters, and other accessories like carpet poles, drum handlers, and man baskets. You are legally required to obtain a new data plate for the forklift that mentions your forklift’s statistics and capacities with the added accessory. Here’s the catch–you generally don’t get a data plate when you buy a forklift attachment from an online retailer. So you might end up purchasing a forklift accessory that doesn’t fit your forklift, or cannot lift the weight needed, as the addition of the attachment lowered your max capacity. Hence, it’s a good idea to purchase your accessories from a vendor who provides a data plate.

Moreover, the data plate is also an important part of your employer’s liability. If an employee gets injured, using an accessory that wasn’t approved and the data plate is not on the truck, the employer would have to bear hefty damages, fines from OSHA, and losses on potential legal battles. This is why an updated data plate is important.


Due to the reasons listed above, it is advisable not to purchase forklift attachments from online retailers. In the long run, it is more convenient to source these accessories from a manufacturer or a trusted vendor who’d provide you with everything you need.