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Why the Best Material Handling Equipment is Custom Built

Material handling systems are used in almost all industries around the globe. Many organizations acknowledge that custom material handling equipment can significantly improve their operation by reducing worker injuries and increasing productivity. You can always find some equipment off-the-rack in the market to fulfill your requirements, but it might be a little trickier to find the equipment that exactly suits your. In this article, we will discuss why the best material handling equipment is custom built. Let’s find out.

Better Fit for your Operation

Custom material handling equipment allows you to optimize your floor space according to your assembly line. This is because you don’t have to fit in awkward devices in your assembly line that are not in tune with your product or machinery. The cost of your material handling equipment custom-designed could be high, but it would prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. That also means faster throughput and lower overhead costs for labor and materials.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

It is difficult to carry out the tasks efficiently if you employ the wrong kind of equipment for the wrong job. It also increases the risk of injury to the workers working with the piece of equipment. On the other hand, custom-made or configurable material handling solutions allows you to achieve peak efficiency by giving you just what you need and having your equipment flawlessly perform as required. Configured equipment delivers efficiency on a large scale by maintaining faster workflow.

Easy to Find

Custom material handling solutions make it easier for you to find the equipment you need. That means no hassle of going around finding the right equipment that suits your needs. You can get the equipment that fits with your operational stream and get it built to your exact specifications. Configurable material handling solutions provide tools at the height needed. Nevertheless, custom and configurable equipment seamlessly integrates and synchronizes with the parts of your existing system.

Longer Lifespan

Configured or custom equipment stands less chances of wearing out, because it is performing specific tasks. It is built for that purpose. It reduces breakdowns and lost productivity that drives up these costs. You will have fewer concerns about maintenance and repair issues that can arise from forcing products to execute non-designed functions. There is no overloading the equipment’s power capacity, increasing the equipment’s lifecycle and lowering your ownership costs.

Take the example of Articulating Jibs. An articulating jib arm can be customized in many ways to suit the operational needs of a facility. Firstly, you can choose the weight capacity and the reach length of your articulating jib based on your product. Then, you can choose where to mount it – pedestal, wall or ceiling. You can also select the length of the pedestal where it will be mounted. The position of its arm can also be customized – overslung or underslung. You can choose from power modes such as air and electric. There are many other things that you can choose for your articulating jib arm. This is why the best material handling equipment is custom built.