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The Benefits of a Bespoke Material Handling Solution

There is a lot of buzz around bespoke material handling solutions such as overhead cranes and industrial manipulators. As more and more organizations shift to bespoke material handling equipment, let us talk about the benefits of doing so.

  1. Perfect for the operation

A bespoke overhead crane or industrial manipulator is like a tailored shirt, it’s made just for you. Bespoke material handling solutions enable an organization to functionally operate in a systematic approach to handling every piece of material in their production and distribution chain — from raw materials to finished products. The pacing length, arm positioning, power source, air brake options, air swivels, or rotation stops of the crane are optimum to the operation’s needs. When you customize all these factors according to your operation, it gives you maximum productivity as the overhead crane will enable faster lifting of materials.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

While it is a common conception that bespoke equipment costs more, it might end up being more cost-effective. When your material handling equipment is off-the-rack, it could cost more in the long run by costing you more in lost productivity. Moreover, bespoke material handling solutions decrease manual labor time and consequently reduce labor costs. Bespoke equipment also helps save cost by minimizing the risk of breakdowns and lost productivity that drives up these costs. Hence, it helps in keeping overhead costs and labor costs low. Bespoke solutions also prevent injuries as they are designed for your purpose.

Bespoke material handling solutions stand fewer chances of wearing out as it is performing specific tasks. With bespoke equipment, you will face fewer maintenance and repair issues that can arise from forcing products to execute non-designed functions. There are minimal chances of overloading the equipment’s power capacity. This can increase the equipment’s lifecycle and lower your ownership costs.

  1. Ease of procurement

Bespoke material handling solutions reduce your hassle of going around different vendors trying to find the right equipment that suits your needs. They make it easier for you to find the equipment you need. You can design the equipment that fits with your operational stream and get it built to your exact specifications. Additionally, bespoke equipment such as overhead cranes and industrial manipulators seamlessly integrate and synchronize with the parts of your existing system.

We, at Conco, provide various options for customization. All you have to do is visit our website, choose your device, select the custom specifications and you can get your bespoke material handling solution delivered to your facility.

  1. Efficiency

The right equipment for the right job is one of the fundamental principles of effective material handling. The wrong kind of equipment increases the risk of injury to the workers. Bespoke material handling solutions, on the other hand, can help you achieve peak efficiency. This can be achieved by identifying your material handling needs and having your equipment flawlessly perform as required. Custom equipment delivers efficiency on a large scale by maintaining a faster workflow. This increases productivity as well as output.

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