Bespoke lifting solutions

Bespoke Lifting Solutions For Any Application

There is a variety of lifting solutions when it comes to material handling devices. While the standard lifting devices available in the market are used by most organizations, some operations have unique material handling needs. Due to this, several organizations require bespoke lifting solutions tailored specifically to suit their needs. While some material handling companies provide complete bespoke solutions, others provide a set of standard models with some amount of customization. Let us find out the implications of the two.

Complete bespoke lifting solutions

When you contact a material handling manufacturer for bespoke equipment, the engineers from the company will understand exactly what you are looking for. They will ask you specific questions to establish which solutions would perfectly suit your specific requirements. You can also request them to conduct a site survey in order to take measurements and photographs of the immediate and local area. This will ensure that they have all the accurate information in order to provide you with the best designs.

After this stage, they can either adapt an existing design to suit, or draft a completely new set of design drawings and calculations to match your needs. Once the design is approved, they will start manufacturing the equipment. If you need installation, they will deploy their staff of engineers, who will arrange a convenient date, coordinate with other contractors as appropriate and complete installation on your facility.

Another factor to note when you’re going with customized equipment is that most manufacturers would also offer you advice and guidance through-out the process, from design, all the way to installation.

Completely bespoke – Pros vs. cons

Needless to say, bespoke material handling solutions for particular applications have their benefits. They allow you to have the perfect lifting device for any kind of operation. When you purchase customized lifting equipment for particular tasks, the equipment fits your operation and is perfectly capable of performing the said tasks.

While fully bespoke lifting solutions have their benefits, they are more expensive than their standard or semi-customized counterparts. The cost of investment on the material handling devices significantly goes up. Moreover, the process of acquiring such solutions is time-consuming. As mentioned above, the whole process of designing to installation takes a long time ranging from weeks to months. Hence, bespoke lifting solutions are suitable for organizations that want a very specific kind of device, and have ample amount of time and the investment appetite to be allocated for this.

Partially bespoke lifting solutions

For organizations that don’t find this option suitable but still want a fair degree of customization, semi-customized solutions are the best option. They are more cost-effective and they can be acquired within no time. This ensures that you can get the lifting device you need at an economical price quickly. We, at Conco, offer a range of lifting solutions with options to customize the devices based on your requirements. Our lifting solutions include inline lifters, air hoists, air balancers and more. Moreover, you can customize features such as capacity, lift range, control options and height of lift. To know more, contact us here.