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Balance Master Manipulator Arm in USA

Manipulator arms have become increasingly popular due to their high functionality and versatile operational uses. Pneumatic manipulator arms could be the perfect solution for your material handling woes as it fills the void between hoists and industrial robots. The arms can be used for a wider range of positioning tasks than hoists and are more flexible than industrial robots because of its use of manual control. Manipulator arms can move a product which is otherwise too heavy for a person to move manually. Moreover, they can easily move a product to a location that is not easily accessible for a person to reach, like a shelf on a heighted platform. They are usually a preferred option to air balancers when some manipulation of the load is required as they allow complex movements like tilts and rotations. They also help eliminate the risk of injury and fatigue to a person moving the same parts and items manually.

The Conco® brand became associated with manipulator technology in the late 1950s when the company — which specialized in crane and hoist manufacturing — acquired a license from Entech Corporation of Des Plaines, Illinois, to manufacture and sell the original pantographic manipulator. Ever since, Conco® has manufactured best-in-class industrial manipulators that give you a smooth experience at your workplace.

Our star offering in industrial manipulator arms is the Balance Master. Conco® Balance Masters are highly versatile in handling a wide variety of different applications. The Balance Master is a pneumatic manipulator that provides for precise positioning of the load. It allows swift horizontal and vertical movement, strong support and positive control consistently. It can lift heavy materials seamlessly and allows for easy manipulation of the load. Not only are they built with industry-leading ergonomic design, Balance Masters are also cost-effective.

The operator can effortlessly control the manipulator arm with the control system. This promotes fast and precise 3-dimensional handling with minimal force required by the operator to overcome the inertia of the load being handled.

The Conco® Balance Master comes in three variants, namely the Balance Master 150, Balance Master 400 and balance Master 1000. They offer lifting capacities of up to 225 lbs, 600 lbs and 1700 lbs respectively.

The Balance Master offers various features like:

  • 360° continuous main post rotation – allows the arm to reach any location
  • Lost Load Safety Feature – reduces the risk of accidents or injuries
  • Does not require air lubricator – thereby reducing maintenance.
  • Precision bearings at the joints – ensures smooth motion and long life
  • Pistol Grip Metering Valve for vertical lift or single weight load balancing control

In addition to 360° rotation on the main post, Balance Masters have several additional options, including parallel linkage arms — which allows the end-effector to remain parallel to the floor. The machines even have various mounting options such as to an overhead trolley, pedestal mount, on the shop floor, or a mobile/portable base. We also offer customizable options in our equipment.

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