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Articulating Jibs Family

Articulating jibs or articulating jib cranes are one of the most versatile sets of equipment amongst material handling systems, great positioning devices to transfer loads where traditional jibs may not reach. An articulated jib crane has a joint at the midpoint of two swivel arms, unlike a straight arm jib with a single arm. It’s because of this articulated jibs are typically easier to move than straight jib cranes. Articulating jibs are designed to reach hard-to-reach places and perform functions like:

  • reach around work cell obstructions, such as columns, conduit or equipment
  • reach into or under machinery and containers
  • work around open doors and rotating close to the mast or building column easily
  • lift loads around corners and columns
  • service any point between the pivot anchor and the far reach of the boom
  • perform large numbers of lifts where the space being utilized for these lifts can be limited to the radius in which the jib crane covers
  • ideal option wherein manipulation of the load is required and where beams and columns are not to be removed
  • can be mounted on your floor, wall, ceiling, or bridge crane according to your requirements
  • support nearly any type of end-effector tooling, air balancer or hoist

At Conco, we are proud to offer to you not just the basic articulating jib cranes but also a range of devices from the articulating jib family, which can cater to different needs of different customers.

We manufacture the following kinds of articulating jibs:

Articulating Jib Arms

The Conco® Articulating Jib Arm (AJ) is the classic device in the lineup of our articulating jibs family. A device built to last and perform lifting tasks in a robust way, the Conco® Articulating Jib Arm is one of the best the industry has to offer.

Articulating Jib Hoists

The Conco® Articulating Jib Hoist (AJH) is two device’s utility rolled into one. It features a unique design, offering the advantages of one of our basic articulated jibs, integrated with the strength to lift and position all types of payloads. With the hoist located behind the second arm, the Conco® AJH is ideal for low headroom application and has the ability to maneuver around objects with full reach-in capability.

Articulating Jib Lifters

The Conco® Articulating Jib Lifter (AJL) is a horizontal and vertical positioning device, with an air balancer built into the second arm. The AJL is ideal for reaching into inaccessible areas where headroom limitations preclude the use of a conventional balancer. This gives you the functionality of an articulating jib with the stability of an air balancer.

These innovative devices are also able to be fully customized to better suit your needs and specifications. To check out the entire product lineup from our articulated jib family, click here.