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Articulated Jib vs. Straight Arm Jib

Jib cranes are horizontal positioning cum lifting devices which are used for complex and repetitive lifting tasks in confined areas. The jib or boom is the horizontal operating arm that extends from the crane. They can reach places that are usually inaccessible by human workers. There are two types of jib cranes – straight arm jibs and articulated jibs. The straight arm jib crane has one horizontal jib (or boom) that offers limited range of motions. On the other hand, an articulating jib has two swivel arms that can lift loads around corners and columns, and reach into or under machinery and containers.

A straight arm jib provides for 360° of rotation with one arm. On the contrary, in an articulating jib, the primary boom arm provides 200° swivel and the outer arm allows for up to 360° of rotation. Hence, an articulating jib is more flexible and can reach more places as compared to a straight arm jib. Articulating jib cranes are ideal for situations where loads need to be transferred where straight arm jibs cannot reach. An articulated jib crane has a joint at the midpoint. This allows the jib to wrap around obstructions and approach a wall, where a straight jib might not be able to operate.

Articulating jibs are easier to move than straight arm jibs. In case where the loads need to manipulated with, they prove to be a better choice than traditional jib cranes. They are able to maneuver loads around obstructions, open doors and rotating close to the mast or building column easily. When beams and columns do not need to be removed, articulating jibs are beneficial. Conventional jib booms or XY workstation rail systems are unable to work around work cell obstructions, such as columns, conduit or equipment. In the production facilities where simple lifting of materials is required, straight arm jibs are the better option as they can do the required job with ease.

Articulating jibs can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or mounted on a bridge or track system. Therefore, they can be installed in any way like straight arm jibs providing great flexibility.

When it comes to the cost aspect, articulating jib cranes are obviously more expensive than traditional jibs. So for organizations with simple material handling requirements and less budget, straight arm jibs could be the ideal option.

Conco® has been one of the leading suppliers of articulating jibs of various kinds. We have the following offerings:

Articulating Jib Arms: A horizontal positioning device used for reaching into accessible areas

Articulating Jib Hoists: A device with the advantages of an articulated jib combined with the strength to lift and position all types of payloads

Articulating Jib Lifters: A horizontal and vertical positioning device, with an air balancer built into the second arm

The Conco® Articulating Jib Arms have leveling features built into the design along with many other options for providing brakes and power to the air balancer, hoist, or air lift that is attached to the end of the arm. To know more, contact us on (712) 841-4548.