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American Material Handling Systems

Material handling systems have become an integral part of most logistical and production avenues. Material handling equipment refers to an integrated system used for material handling and storing during manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of a product. The flow of material is controlled by these systems. Since most manufacturing businesses rely greatly on logistical tasks in production plants, warehouses and other transport facilities, it has become imperative for them to adopt new-age material handling systems for more efficiency, less room for error and less chances of accidents/injuries. It has helped solve the problems of storage and transportation across industries like chemicals, automobiles and warehousing. This is also evident from the numbers. By some estimates, global demand for material handling equipment is forecast to rise 5.3 percent per annum through 2020 to $176.0 billion. The United States is not far behind with the Material Handling Equipment Distributors market size of $28.6 billion in 2019. That makes it a big industry with an ever-growing market. As more and more countries are getting industrialized, these numbers keep surging.

America has been one of the leading countries in terms of revenues and growth pertaining to material handling systems. American material handling systems have always been as adept as their other leading counterparts like Japan and Germany.  Modern manufacturing facilities in America are banking on new technologies and innovations to produce higher quality products at faster speeds with lower costs. Most organizations are radically implementing more intelligent software and hardware in order to survive in the current competitive scenario. This need for automation is amplified due to the workforce shortage persisting in the region.  According to RIA, approximately 250,000 robots are now in use in the United States, accounting for the third-highest in the world, after China and Japan.

There are many factors leading to the growing demand in material handling equipment in America. The e-commerce industry significantly contributes to this, with the industry’s logistics costs accounting for 6.9% of the total US logistics costs. Moreover, the major e-commerce players are aware of the fact that applying the right material handling technology results in measurable cost savings while generating a faster ROI. United States is one of the largest retail markets in the world. Such a vibrant retail sector further grows the demand for warehouses and related services, which need material handling systems.  Moreover, a rise in disposable income, a recovering construction sector, and a rise in the number manufacturing facilities are expected to propel the global material handling equipment market growth. On the other hand, the expansion of the packaging industry and automotive and consumer electronics industry is likely to contribute to the global material handling equipment market in the coming years. American material handling systems have a long way to go. More and more companies are turning to automation with time.

One of the leading American material handling systems provider is Conco. The Conco line of products is a brand of Positech® Corporation, with approximately 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space in Laurens, Iowa.  Contact us to know more