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Airlift Inline Vertical Lifter

Many industry people and experts have reported the lack of a device that fills the gap between air balancers and industrial manipulators. We have seen numerous inquiries from manufacturing engineers and other users of material handling equipment about a lifting device that offers the ‘float’ feature of air balancers but offers the rigidity of an industrial manipulator. Hence, we came up with the innovative Airlift Inline Vertical Lifter. It is the perfect device for the users that need ‘float’ feature as well as rigidity rolled into one.

The Airlift Inline Vertical Lifter enables the operator to float the load, which makes it virtually weightless. That in turn makes it easy to position and set loads or objects in place quickly and precisely. Moreover, it lets you manually adjust the vertical position from the stop position. On the other hand, it is a sturdy and rigid device so you can lift weights with ease. It is an inline lifting device that has been ergonomically designed to be lightweight and a great, economical alternative to air hoists. The Airlift Series comes in 5 variants with varying lifting capacities, which makes it a perfect option for lifting weights up to 1000 lbs. It offers a lift range varying from 12” to 60”.  The Airlift Series models are as AL-180, AL-300, AL-600, AL-800 and AL-1000 with lifting capacities of 180 lbs, 300 lbs, 600 lbs, 800 lbs and 1000 lbs respectively.

One of the biggest benefits of Airlift Inline Vertical Lifter is that it is an economical and cost-effective device. For organizations that do not wish to invest in an air hoist, this inline vertical lifter is the right choice. It is a value-for-the-buck product.

Our inline vertical lifters are used for assembly lines where precision load positioning is required. The Airlift inline lifter allows quick operation with efficiency and ease. It also allows loads of varying weights to be lifted at the same speed, giving predictable up/down control, making it an excellent solution for fast pick-and-place operation. This machine comes with a Pistol Grip Metering Valve (PGMV), a Single Weight Load Control (SWLC), or a Dual Weight Load Control (DWLC).

Not only that, the AirLift can be attached to the end of any Conco® Articulated Jibs or to an existing rail system, thus providing the features of an air hoist at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Vertical Inline Lifters of such kind are manufactured exclusively by Conco®. So, if you require an inline vertical lifter that is cost-effective, provides a ‘float’ feature, and also has great rigidity, we have got your back.

In addition, Conco® gives you an assortment of choice among air balancers, air hoists, and these ergonomic lifters. We pioneer design in lifting devices, applying precision mechanical technologies to all our products. To find out more about the Airlift Inline Vertical Lifter or to get one for your workplace, contact us.