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Air Balancing: Everything You Should Know

An air balancer is a material handling device powered by compressed air that’s used to load, unload and transport material loads. These devices use air pressure as the power source to lift loads. Air balancers are similar to air hoists except the fact that air balancers provide more accuracy and precision for lifting loads. Air balancers come with a ‘float mode’ that virtually makes the load weighless so it seems to float in the air. This ‘float’ feature gives a higher degree of accuracy for handling the loads as compared to an air hoist. It also allows precise manual movement and placement of the load without having to jog the hoist.

Applications of air balancers

An air balancer has several applications such as:

  • Air balancers are used to attach and remove a material load or jig
  • They can lift and transfer a material load or jig with precision
  • They can move a material load upwards and downwards with adjustable up/down speeds
  • They are widely used for precise positioning of a material load
  • They are used for applications where hands-on load control is required for loads
  • They are also used for transferring and installing suspended loads

Advantages of air balancers

Easy Lifting : Air balancers are capable of lifting heavy loads up to 450-500 lbs. with utmost efficiency. The load weight compensation in air balancers allows the operator to lift loads of different weights at the same speed. This provides predictable up/down control so the load can be lifted with ease and safety. This makes them an ideal situation for quick pick-and-place operations. Air balancers are highly useful for accurate load positioning, wherein the operator can manipulate the loads manually. The load balancing feature makes it easy for an operator to lift a load by hand in float mode. The load becomes almost weighless for the operator.

Improved Productivity : Air balancers are extremely effective in a number of industrial applications, such as assembly lines, warehouses, manufacturing, etc. These devices provide precision through continuous, smooth and three-dimensional movement without jerks. This makes them ideal for lifting fragile items. Due to these properties, air balancers improve productivity by enabling quick lifting of heavy materials.

Improved Ergonomics : Air balancers are designed to improve the natural lifting motion of operators. These devices enhance the ergonomic working conditions of a workplace. With easy Up/Down controls, air balancers allow safe handling of heavy materials minimizing the risk of injury or accident. This eliminates the need for workers to lift heavy weights, bend and assume awkward positions. So having an air balancer in the workplace can improve the safety conditions of the facility.

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