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Air Balancer Manufacturers

Air balancers – or pneumatic balancers – are material handling devices operated by compressed air, which is used to load, unload, lift, balance or transport the material load. The striking feature of an air balancer is that it also lets users to ‘float’ the load, which essentially means it gives precise movements and placement without the ‘jogging’ of the load that is seen with an air hoist. This makes the load virtually weightless and the load seems to float in air. This allows for better control, higher level of precision and superior speed as compared to conventional air hoists. Not only that, the float feature also allows the user to work on the load with ease while the air balancer takes care of keeping the material in its position. In this article, we will discuss the major air balancer manufacturers in who can take care of your material handling requirements.

Conco, one of the leading brands in material handling equipment is resolved to provide you with the best material handling solutions with cost-effective pricing. Hence, we are the suppliers of one of the leading air balancer manufacturers around the globe, Unified Industries. Unified was the first in the industry to introduce and supply the “ETA” line of aluminum enclosed track bridge cranes and monorail systems in 1985. With an industry pioneer like Unified, you can be sure to install the best-in-class air balancer devices in America.

The Unified Pneumatic Air Balancer comes with a sturdy mechanical design that is built to deliver robust stability and precision like nothing else. It is the better alternative to air hoists if the loads you transfer need more accuracy; or if the loads require a degree of manipulation. This balancer features powder coated housing which ensures trouble free extended service life.


  • The Unified Pneumatic Air Balancer comes in different variants with various weight capacities. It offers lifting capacities up to 485 lbs. in single reeved and 1940 lbs. in double reeved.
  • It also comes in variants according to the control type: no controls, U/D controls & Pendant Kit and Zero-G respectively.
  • It can be operated by simple to adjust UP/DN speeds and “float” mode gives you more accuracy to finish the job.
  • It is an energy efficient lifting device that takes up only a fraction of a CFM per cycle as compared to a pneumatic hoist.
  • It features a safety overload limit and check valve in case of loss of air supply.
  • It makes use of non-lubricated air to assure a clean environment in the workplace.
  • All Non-reeved balancers come equipped with a 9 meter cable.
  • To top it all, it is a cost effective air balancer with a price tag starting with just $2045.

Conco offers a wide assortment of material handling equipment, apart from pneumatic air balancers. To find out more, or to order a pneumatic air balancer, browse through our products here.