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Air Balancer Distributors in USA

Air balancers, also known as pneumatic balancers, are one of the widely used vertical material handling systems. Air Balancers are mainly used to load, unload, transport and balance weight. Along with the adjustment of air pressure, lifting force can be changed from zero to the maximum capacity force of the balancer. They are widely used for precision positioning within production environments in manufacturing, machinery processing and assembly lines where precision load positioning is needed. Pneumatic balancers are similar to pneumatic hoists but they offer more precision while transferring loads as compares to pneumatic hoists. The uses of air balancers are as follows:

  • Attachment and removal of a load or jig.
  • Lifting and transfer of a load or jig.
  • Precise positioning.
  • Transfer and installation of a suspended load.

There are various air balancer distributors in USA. Conco Jibs is one of the renowned manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic hoists as well as pneumatic balancers. Our Unified Pneumatic Air Balancer is a popular product from the Conco family. It is a perfect choice for lifting and transferring material loads with the utmost amount of precision. It also features a ‘float’ mode that facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load. This lends the air balancer more accuracy to complete the job. Our balancer has a safety overload limit and check valve in case of loss of air supply.

Conco also offers a range of air hoists based on lifting capacity and height of the lift. The air hoists come in variants ranging from the JD Neuhaus Air Hoist Mini 125, Up To 275lb. Capacity to the JD Neuhaus Air Hoist Mini 1000, Up To 2,200lb. Capacity.

Why should you choose Conco as your air balancer distributors?

  • Our products are cost-effective. Cost-saving becomes an integral aspect when it comes to choosing the right distributor for material handling equipment. With best-in-class prices, we deliver the highest standard in quality in USA. All plate steel used in our products is a minimum of ASTM A-36.  All steel tubing is ASTM A-500.
  • We provide ergonomic design with proven technologies in material handling solutions. Our products are designed keeping in mind the industry needs with efficient handling systems. Conco® articulated jibs are designed with a 3:1 factor of safety to the ultimate strength of the material.
  • We have over 70 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of material handling equipment. Over the years, we have perfected the understanding of our clients’ needs and how to fulfill them. You know you can trust a supplier with that level of expertise.
  • We have a variety of material handling equipment like articulating jibs, inline lifters, industrial manipulators, and of course, air hoists and balancers. We are also suppliers of Unified and J.D. Neuhaus.

To get more information on air balancer distributors in USA, give us a call on (712) 841-4548. We would be happy to help you with all your material handling equipment needs.