Materials Handling Safety Policy

3 Material Handling Devices For Better Ergonomics

Labor efficiency in an industry can greatly improve the quality of production and affect the quantity. In a warehouse, workers’ safety is as important as any other aspect. A big part of workplace safety is ergonomics. This is the first topic that pops up in almost every discussion about worker safety. Additional safety measures for workers can reduce the number of injuries and thereby the leaves taken by them. These measures include steps taken to improve the ergonomic factors of the working conditions in a workplace. Even small measures taken now can go a long way in the long run as healthy workers are known to be more efficient. There are specific tools that, when used in a warehouse, can lead to fewer accidents and injuries. In this article, we will discuss 3 material handling devices that enhance the ergonomic factors of a manufacturing or storage facility.


  • Industrial Manipulator


An Industrial Manipulator is a material handling device with a rigid steel manipulator arm that’s capable of lifting heavy objects and performing complex pneumatic tilts and rotations — even when the product being moved is handled outside it’s center of mass.

Industrial manipulators are great tools for lifting and maneuvering heavy objects with the control of a human operator, allowing for fast, easy and precise movement of the manipulator to lift, lower and transport products across the facility. Check out the Conco® Balancer Master® Industrial Manipulator here.


  • Air Balancer


An Air Balancer is a positioning device used in factories and assembly lines where precision load positioning is required. It is a great device for transferring loads with accuracy as it can make the load virtually ‘float’ in the air. The load weight compensation allows the operator to easily lift loads of varying weights at the same speed, with an adjustable up/down control.

When workers assume awkward positions to lift and maintain positioning of heavy objects, they are at a higher chance of developing ergonomic injuries such as musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). Air balancers can avoid such injuries due to manual lifting of heavy loads in the facility.  Check out the Unified Air Balancer here.


  • Vacuum Lifter


A vacuum lifter is a vacuum lifter powered by an air blower. It is the perfect material handling device that’s ideal for lifting a wide range of objects, porous, semi-porous and non-porous. For objects that stand a chance of damage with a chain or a hook, vacuum lifters are the perfect choice.

In facilities where objects such as bags, boxes and other items that can’t be lifted with a hook crane are handled, vacuum lifters are the ideal choice. When workers repeatedly bend down to lift and transport the kinds of loads mentioned above, they have chances of developing back injuries and other MSDs. This can be avoided with the use of a vacuum lifter. Check out the Conco® VacUp® Vacuum Lifter here.

In conclusion, the right material handling devices for the job can result in avoiding injuries, accidents and enhance the ergonomic working conditions in the workplace.